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1. Mmoaninko Offinso Ashanti November
2. Papa Kumawu Ashanti Second Akwasidae of the year
3. Opemsuo Festival Kokofu Ashanti September
4. Munufie Festival Dwenem Brong Ahafo December
5. Adekyem Festival Bechem Brong Ahafo November
6. Apoo Festival Techiman Brong Ahafo April
7. Apoo Festival
Yam Festival
Wenchi Brong Ahafo August
8. Munufie Kese Festival
Ntoa Fokuo Festival
Nkoranza Brong Ahafo October
9. Kwafie Festvial Dormaa Brong Ahafo November/December/January
10. Punuwo Fodwo Festival
Tano Fodwo
Gbouna Akwanto Kese
Seikwa Brong Ahafo September
11. Kwafie Festival Nsoatre Brong Ahafo October/December
12. Akwasidae
Hwidiem Brong Ahafo Sunday after 42 days count Last week in October or First week in November
13. Akwasidaekese Festival Ahafo South Division Brong Ahafo Last Akwasidae of the year
14. Sasabobrim Akwasidae Kese Festival Awua-Domase Brong Ahafo The first week of every September
15. Nkompo Acherensua Brong Ahafo The first week of every September
16. Akwasidae Kenyasi No. 1 Brong Ahafo Every 40 days on the nearest Sunday.
17. Abestiase Goaso Brong Ahafo December
18. Munufie Festival Japekrom Brong Ahafo October
19. Apomasu Ntotroso Brong Ahafo Biennially in February
20. Fordjour Yam Festival Badu Brong Ahafo October
21. Kajoji Festival Yeji Brong Ahafo November
22. Songwee Sampa Brong Ahafo July
24. Munufie Kese Festival Drobo Brong Ahafo November
24. Munukuo Akwasidae Duayaw Nkwanta Brong Ahafo Every 40 days on Wednesdays On Sundays. Once every six weeks
25. Brebi Yam Festival Nassa Brong Ahafo November
26. Nkyifie Yam Festival Prang Brong Ahafo November
27. Akwanbram Mim Brong Ahafo December
28. Munufie Festival
Akwantu Kese Festival
Suma Brong Ahafo October
29. Adae Tumtum Kukuom Brong Ahafo January First Akwasidae of the year
30. Apo Festival Offuman Brong Ahafo January/March
31. Yam Festival

Mo Brong Ahafo August/September
32. Munufie Festival (Kunsu)

Nkyifie Festival

Foryaw Yam Festival
Atebubu Brong Ahafo 2nd week in November


33. Ginatar Festival Nkomi Brong Ahafo December
34. Odwira Akroso Brong Ahafo March/April
35. Akwasidae Ahafo North Division Brong Ahafo Sunday after every 40 days count
36. Krubi Tuffener

Gbono Apour

Gbono Apour





Brong Ahafo 40 days after Ramadan in July or August


37. Abeadze Ahobaa Kese Festival Abeadze, Central Central September
38. Akwambokese Festival Gomoa Ajumako Central December
39. Oguaa Fetu Festival Oguaa Central August-September
40. Equafo Nsona Nkabom Egyafo Central August
41. Ngmayem Festival Manya Krobo Eastern October
42. Aburi Odwira Festival Aburi Eastern November
43. Akwantukese Festival New Juaben Eastern November
44. Asafotutiami Festival Ada Greater Accra August
45. Damba Festival Dagbon Northern November
46. Feok Festival Bulsa Upper West December
47.Yam Festival Asogli Volta September
48. Eluo Yam Festival Sefwi Anhwiaso Western November
49. Kuntum Festival Essikado Western August
50. Kundum Festival Lower Dixcove Western August
51. Kundum Festival Lower Axim Western September
52. Kundum Festival Eastern Nzema Western November

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The National House of Chiefs was established in 1969 under Article 154 of the 1969 Constitution. The Instrument covering the establishment of the House was enacted on the 17th September, 1971, that is the Chieftaincy Act 1971 (Act 370). The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana and Chieftaincy Act 2008, Act 759 maintained the House. The House perform research, judicial, administrative, financial and advisory functions to all Chiefs in Ghana through the Regional Houses of Chiefs. 

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