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Our Vision

Our vision is for the chieftaincy institution to play a stronger role in ensuring peace and unity among the people of Ghana and the realization of their aspirations for economic, social, cultural and political advancement.


Our mission is to build the capacity of the membership of the National House of Chiefs to promote peace, security, order and unity through the prompt, transparent and fair

Core Functions

To promptly adjudicate chieftaincy cases through chieftaincy tribunals and make pronouncements on matters affecting chieftaincy.

History Of National House Of Chiefs

The National House of Chiefs was established in the year 1969 under the 1969 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana and was formally inaugurated by the Presidential Commission in Kumasi and it was subsequently maintained under the 1979 and 1992 Constitutions of the Republic..

The Headquarters of the House is located at Manhyia in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The House is among other things, mandated to undertake the progressive study, interpretation and codification of customary laws with a view to evolving in appropriate cases a unified system of rules of customary laws and shall perform such other functions not being inconsistent with any functions performed by the House of Chiefs of a Region as Parliament may by or under an Act of Parliament confer on it or otherwise refer to it..

Activities of the House are carried out through the Committee system.  At the moment there are eight (8) main Committees in the House with different functions. These Committees are as follows;

The Finance and Infrastructure Committee is mandated to study and approve estimates of the House for onward submission to the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs for incorporation into the Ministry’s budget. It is also mandated to source for funds from corporate bodies and government agencies for the operations and activities of the House as well as address matters relating to the welfare of the staff.

The External Relations Committee of the House among other things is mandated to collect, collate and study views from the government, individuals and the general public about the National and Regional Houses of Chiefs and the institution of Chieftaincy in general appearing in the mass media and react to if such views as appear to be detrimental to the work of the National and Regional Houses of Chiefs or will have unfavorable effect on the institution of chieftaincy as a whole.

Also the Committee is required to publish major activities of the House in the print and electronic in order to highlight the important role Chieftaincy plays in National Affairs. The Committee also engages with external bodies/institutions as partners of development.

The Legal Affairs Committee is in charge of the legal affairs of the House and it advises the House on Legal matters. All legal matters from within and without are referred to the Committee for discussion and advice.

About Us

The National House of Chiefs was established in 1969 under Article 154 of the 1969 Constitution. The Instrument covering the establishment of the House was enacted on the 17th September, 1971, that is the Chieftaincy Act 1971 (Act 370). The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana and Chieftaincy Act 2008, Act 759 maintained the House. The House perform research, judicial, administrative, financial and advisory functions to all Chiefs in Ghana through the Regional Houses of Chiefs. 

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